41.5 billion messages – sent on mobile messaging apps around the world every day – carry 6 billion emoticons and stickers (according to Swyft Media). It’s not a big bravery to so say that people love to use these tools. Firstly because there is such a big variety of them that you can fine-tune your mood easily with an image for your acquaintances. Secondly because they are funny. The phenomenon fits in the image-based communication trend, we experience on mobile devices. Some companies like CocaCola, AT&T, General Electric, Ikea and Taco Bell seam to be trailblazers when trying to penetrate this space and create their own emojis. They seek to take part of the everyday conversations of people and to engage their consumers. They may have flair for trends: emoji use skyrockets across platforms. An emoticon is a typographic display of a facial representation, used to convey emotion in a text only medium, for instance a smiley: :~). Unlike emoticons, emoji are actual pictures, of everything from a set of painted nails (?) to a slightly whimsical ghost (?).

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